Learn to do a Push Up Properly

52 Ways to be Healthier in 2012, #4Why? Push ups are a true “multi-tasking” exercise. When we think of a push up we all think of our arms and chest since that’s where we feel it most immediately. But when you do them correctly, you also work your shoulders, abs (a lot), gluteus maximus, quadriceps,and several of the stabilizing muscles in your back.

So what is a proper push up? Follow this link to the American Council on Exercise’s exercise library for all the details. And remember, if you can’t do a full push up right now, start with your knees on the mat and work your way up to the real deal.

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I am a personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management consultant, and group fitness instructor living in New York City. My focus is on helping women get into shape, lose weight, and generally live a healthy and happy life.
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